This is a great introduction to cruising more remote areas if you only have a short time. The Moyo Cruise starts and ends in Teluk Nara, which is easy to get to from Bali (by fast boat or Pinisi day cruise), from the airport at Mataram (many flights per day from Bali) or from the ferry harbour at Lembar (there are round-the-clock ferry sailings from Padang Bai, Bali).

DAY 1:

After you board the pinisi at Teluk Nara, we cruise to Gili Air where we have lunch. Then we cross to Gili Trawangan where you can explore this charming island which people say is “the new Ibiza”. On Gili Trawangan you can swim, snorkel, tour the small island by bicycle, or go horse riding. There is a chance to dive here as well. We depart for Moyo Island before sunset and cruise all night.

DAY 2.

We arrive at Moyo as the sun rises. Moyo is quite a large island with virtually no roads. It has abundant clear water and has a large nature reserve. We moor off shore from a small village and walk through the villagers’ farms and fields to a forest path leading to a lovely clear river pool with quite a large waterfall. Above the waterfall are strong vines and you can jump like Tarzan into the deep clear pool below. After lunch we spend half an hour cruising to Angel Reef where there is a beautiful coral garden, which is wonderful for snorkeling. There is also a 40m wall that offers good diving. In the afternoon we cruise down the coast a few kilometers and go ashore to walk through the jungle to a large cave which is home to thousands of fruit bats. Near here is a famous resort where presidents and princesses stay in luxury tents. We moor for the night.

Day 3:

Early in the morning we pull up the anchor and sail a couple of hours to Satonda, a strange and mystical island with a sunken volcano crater lake in its center. Local people believe the place has magic and they leave offerings asking for good luck… The bay where we moor is excellent for swimming, snorkeling and there is some nice diving around the point. We relax here until nightfall then head back to Lombok.

Day 4:

We arrive back in Teluk Nara in the morning. You can choose to go to extend your journey to either the Gili Islands for a few days, explore more of Lombok, or head back to Bali.