This is the most popular of our cruises. Over 7 days and 6 nights you visit many exciting places including Moyo, Satonda, but especially the Komodo Marine National Park where you see the Komodo Dragons, but also has astonishingly good snorkeling and diving.

You can join the boat either in Gili Trawangan and finish your cruise in Labuan Bajo, or start at Labuan Bajo in Flores and get off the boat in Lombok. The cost of flights is not included in the cost of the cruise.

Whichever direction you choose, this is what you will experience:

Kermit Island:

Actually it is really called Keramat Island, but one of our guests thought it was Kermit, and the name kind of stuck. This is a good place to break the journey. The island has a lovely white sand beach and clear deep water close by the shore, great for swimming. We usually have a beach barbecue here.


This is one of our most loved destinations because it gives you a glimpse of life in a very simple seaside village. Our guests love to walk through the forest to a deep clear river pool filled by a waterfall. You can grab hold of vines and jump from the rocks into the pool. Women really like washing their hair under the waterfall. In the afternoon we can visit Angel Reef for snorkeling or diving. Later we visit a bat cave which is home to thousands of fruit bats. If we get there at dusk we can see them leaving the cave in great numbers.

Satonda Island:

A strange and magical place with a sunken volcano crater in the middle. Local people hang offerings on trees in order to get good luck in their lives. The little bay we moor in has deep clear water and on both sides there is good snorkeling right off the boat. Round one of the points is some nice diving and a coral garden directly below the mooring in the bay is home to several frog fish.

Komodo Marine National Park:

We moor near famous Pink Beach, named for the crushed red coral which gives it its pink colour. The snorkeling here is quite remarkable, some truly wonderful coral gardens, and there is a coral bommie that attracts fish by their thousands. We barbecue on Pink Beach. The next morning we visit the ranger station and take a guided walk among the Komodo Dragons and hear horrifying stories of people disappearing, never to be found again.

Islands in the Labuan Bajo archipelago:

Between Komodo and Labuan Bajo are lots of beautiful islands. We will visit Kanawa, and several others according to wind and tides. This whole area is wonderful for diving and snorkeling. We’ll moor near one of them and spend the night there.

Labuan Bajo:

This is a thriving little sea port and ferry terminal on the far western tip of the island of Flores. It’s charming in a wild west kind of way. It is here that you will either join the boat or get off. The airport is very close to the town. There are some quite nice hotels with great views over the harbour.