Komodo Cruise 4 Days + 3 Nights

Our Komodo Cruise is designed for people who are either already exploring Flores, or who only have a limited time in Indonesia and really want to see the dragons and to have a few dives in, which is one of the most exciting diving spots in Indonesia.

The cruise departs and ends at Labuan Bajo, the small port at the western end of Flores. The costs of flights to and from Labuan Bajo are not included in the cost of the cruise.

This is what you’ll enjoy on our Komodo Cruise:

Day 1:

We depart Labuan Bajo from the ferry harbour around midday and sail to Sebayar Island. The diving here is nice and easy and there is plenty to see and enjoy. The snorkeling is excellent too as the lagoon above the reef has some very pretty coral gardens. We’ll overnight here, and there’s every chance we’ll have a barbecue on the beach.

Day 2:

We depart for the Rinca Ranger Station to visit the dragons. Rinca and Komodo Island itself, are the only places where these fascinating giant lizards can be found. After a two-hour walk around the dragon’s territory we’ll cruise to Gili Lawar Darat. On the eastern point f the bay is a dive site which is often full of rays including mantas. The channel between Komodo Island and Gili Lawar Darat is known as the Racetrack or the Roller Coaster and is a lot of fun. The tidal stream picks you up and carries you at high speed, and then gently drops you where the channel widens.

Day 3:

Keen divers will want to dive Crystal Bommie off Gili Lawar Laut. This is an undersea mountain that just about reaches the surface. The current breaks on the eastern or western tip of the mountain and attracts huge numbers of predatory pelagic fish including giant trevally, oceanic white tip sharks, rainbow runners and barracuda. The bommie has a sheltered coral garden in the lee of the summit which has a very fishy coral garden that’s one of the best in Indonesia. In the afternoon we’ll head to Kanawa Island, which is one of the area’s great secrets plus a gorgeous beach. We’ll have a barbecue on the beach in the evening.

Day 4:

We’ll make our way back to Labuan Bajo, calling at one or two of the many islands along the way for a swim or a snorkel. You’ll get off the boat at Labuan Bajo. There are some pleasant affordable hotels with great views of the harbour.