Land Excursions

Wherever we go, there’s something to explore!

Below you will find some information on the islands we can visit along the way.
This depends on which route you choose to book.

land Sites


Lombok & Gili islands

What to expect?

Explore Lombok and its different surrounding islands. There are three in the north known as Trawangan, Air, and Meno. Each having a charm to its own where the most common ways of transport is on a horse cart, bicycle or by foot. The islands in the south such as Gede, Nangu are less known but offer beautiful and relaxed alternative with remote and exotic beaches.



What to expect?

Moyo Island is one of our most loved destinations because it gives you a glimpse to a simple seaside village with virtually no roads. The island has a big nature reserve and there are two waterfalls one can explore on the island.

In Satonda lays a sunken volcano crater lake surrounded by jungle. Locals hang rocks on the mangrove trees in hopes for good fortune. Here you can take a tip into the refreshing lake and take a small hike to see it from above. The little bay we moor in has deep clear water and on both sides there is great snorkelling and diving right off the boat.

Keramat Island has stretches of lovely white sand beaches. We usually organise a picnic BBQ on the beach before sun down. If you’re lucky, you’ll witness thousands of fruit bats flying high above you in the colourful sunset sky.



What to expect?

See the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat on a guided tour. Explore the highlands and see the views from above of the surrounding islands in all shapes and sizes. There are crystal clear waters and beautiful white sand beaches. Labuan Bajo has a thriving little sea port that has a unique charm to it and many traditional boats parked in it.



What to expect?

Sulawesi mainland has such rich culture in its traditions of architecture, food and fabrics (ikat). For instance, Bira is home to a boat building community that crafts Indonesian Pinisi Ships, like our boat! The tiny remote islands we visit in the south called Sebayur and Taka Bone Rate, are made up of bounded coral grounds and long stretches of turquoise lagoons.

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