about al isra

The boat, Al Isra, is a traditional wooden Pinisi ship that originates from a boat building community in South Sulawesi. The name means ‘night journey’ in Arabic and refers to the spiritual journey of Mohammed. 

Every year from December to March, Al Isra is parked in its homeport in Bira, South Sulawesi. This is when we do a yearly check-up to ensure the safety and comfortability of our upcoming boat cruises.

There are three double cabins and two single cabins in total. Fitting up to 
8 – 10 guests maximum per trip. Plus a few mattresses on the top deck where you have the chance to sleep beneath the beautiful stars!



What started as a dream shaped into reality for explorer and entrepreneur, Britta Slippens. At 21 years old, she moved to Indonesia from Germany to seek adventure. It was then she fell in love with the Pinisi style ship and invested into building Al Isra.


In May the boat was launched into the water for the first time and for the next few years Britta and her family explored this beautiful archipelago.


The company Blue Water Cruises established, and for 20 years we have been accommodating guests aboard Al Isra and safely cruising Indonesia.

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